Spotlight: Helena Roth

Spotlight: Helena Roth

Helena RothHelena Roth, Vice-Chair of the Board of Center for Sustainable Change, lives in Malmö, Sweden. She’s a graduate of Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy and has been coaching for 7 years. “I mostly coach individuals, which I love doing. My favorite modality is using CoachWalks, i.e. we’re out walking while coaching. I live close to a recreational area so “my office” is absolutely stunning! I do group work as well though, at the moment mostly with pre-school and school staff in a small municipality in Sweden. I learned of the existence of the Principles from Rasmus Carlsson, who attended SCA in 2012. He initiated a MasterMind-group in 2013, of which I am a member, and a few months in, he asked me if I didn’t want to attend SCA 2014 (which he also did).“

She brings leadership and a curious mind to CSC.  An avid reader, Helena has a goal of reading 100 books in 2018, half in English and half in Swedish and she just finished #47, so she’s on track. She blogs about her books every Sunday and you can follow her at Helena was an exchange student in Lincoln, Nebraska her senior year in high school “89-90. It took her until December of that year to think and dream in English, she told us, even though her English was good when she arrived. She fooled her calculus teacher, He declined to answer her question regarding the meaning of perpendicual. “Frustrated, I blurted out “’ don’t know what perpendicual means. I mean, I am Swedish, and it’s not a term I am familiar with, please explain it to me!’ At that, he dropped his jaw, stared at me, and finally said ‘Oh. It means at a right angle. I though you were from Minnesota. I didn’t know you were from Sweden.’”

She has a business background from earlier in her career as a validation engineer and project manager in the pharmaceutical industry. She is also a mother of two children. While participating in their school’s Parent Association, she initiated as well as became an activist in a national school reform movement that started on Twitter in 2013 known as “School Spring”, asking the somewhat provocative question,  “Why School?” In the Swedish school debate that question – asking what the actual purpose is – has become the norm. She volunteers now with a Swedish non-profit called MIND, which aims at promoting mental health. “I just did my first shift at their café, where young girls and women (mostly) can come to hang around, talk to an adult if they want to and generally have a place to “just be”.

The CSC Board gets to see Helena monthly in virtual online Board meetings which begins in Sweden at 8 pm while other Board members are on at 2 pm Eastern, 11 am Pacific and 8 am in Hawaii. CSC’s digital meetings, along with digital interfaces for courses, webinars, and other programming, are part of CSC’s daily operation to reach people in different time zones, cities and continents.

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