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Dr. Roger Mills explains the fundamentals of Psychology of Mind, a school of thought attracting wide notice and acclaim due to outstanding results among inner city youths.


Jack Pransky

Modello is the true story from beginning to end of how Dr. Roger Mills and staff accomplished the “miracle” in the Modello and Homestead Gardens Housing Projects, applying the Three Principles/Health Realization approach based on a new spiritual psychology. Through extensive interviews with residents as well as Dr. Mills, his staff and other professionals, a very compelling and moving portrait is painted of how two low-income, inner-city housing projects replete with violence, crack, drug gangs, abuse, welfare dependency and hopelessness were completely turned around within two-and-a-half years. This book shows how people who lived in the most difficult circumstances were reached, came to find hope and changed their lives.

The Wisdom Within

Roger Mills & Elsie Spittle

In this groundbreaking book, important discoveries about your natural inner source of resiliency and healthy psychological functioning are revealed. The authors’ 20-year mission to share these findings has resulted in a series of triumphs that took them from the roughest city streets to the most successful corporate boardrooms.

Prevention from the Inside-Out offers a paradigm shift for the fields of prevention, human services, community work, social work, human resources and education. It shows how the traditional outside-in approach has only brought us so far.

  • Learn what it means to turn prevention inside-out, to get to the essence of preventing all problem behaviors.
  • Learn how people can create a shift within their consciousness and realize their innate Health.
  • Learn how people and communities can live in well-being and with reduced stress.
  • Read interviews with people whose lives have changed dramatically.
  • Discover how people can be guided by their wisdom and spirit.

State of Mind in the Classroom

Ami Chen Mills-Naim & Roger C. Mills, Ph.D.

State of Mind in the Classroom asserts three simple, fundamental principles that govern healthy learning, and the caring and connectedness from adults that are essential to childrens success in school, and life. Writing from the heart, and their personal experiences over many decades, the authors draw on work in some of the most challenging schools and neighborhoods in the United States. They speak to the missing dimension in education: understanding and evoking both teachers and students capacities for wisdom, love, creativity and insight. This paradigm-shifting book helps educators get out of their own way to listen more closely to students (and more deeply to themselves) and appreciate how teachers, students, and administrators all create their own learning cultures from the fabric of thought. Beneath habits of negative, defeatist thinking, each child, and teacher, is always capable of fresh thinking, new learning and a deeper understanding of life itself. Teachers and students are, at core, loving and kind human beings, eager to learn new things. This book reveals the way to unleash that core.

Paradigm Shift

Ami Chen Mills-Naim & Roger C. Mills, Ph.D.

This is a brief history in three parts of a new paradigm understanding called The Three Principles, and its dissemination, which was uncovered by Sydney Banks in the 1970s and very gradually and silently crept into the consciousness of perhaps hundreds of thousands of people, touching and changing lives worldwide.

The Spark Inside

Ami Chen Mills-Naim

The Spark Inside reveals, in easily understood language, the innate health and spiritual power that resides in each and every one of us. It shows children how they can let go of the dark and negative thought that leads to low self-esteem and painful, anti-social behavior. It demonstrates to young people how they can easily and naturally embrace healthy thought that will lift their spirits into the natural grace and peace that is their birthright and improve the connection to their family, friends and greater community.

“People’s lives become what they think is possible.” – Roger Mills


The Enlightened Gardener

The Enlightened Gardener Revisited

The Missing Link

Second Chance

The Quest of the Pearl

Dear Liza

“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.” – Syd Banks

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