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What Stops You from Sharing the Principles?
On April 27th, 2018, Molly Gordon facilitated a pop-up focus group to surface the questions, challenges, and opportunities related to sharing the Principles with our friends family and in our communities.

What is stopping us? And what can be done about it? Can skills and techniques be helpful? How does wisdom in the moment speak?

What is it that you want to learn about engaging with the infinite, formless intelligence and energy of life in the service of greater peace, justice, and wellbeing in the world of form?

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Diversity Focus Group
Audre Garcia-Grice is an Educator, Diversity Scholar, and Literary Artist. She hosted a group webinar to provide an opportunity to collectively address concerns about diversity within the 3P community.

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People Before Principles

Author, Speaker, and Practitioner, Amir Karkouti hosted a beautiful call about bringing our humanity back when sharing the Principles. Watch Now

Talking Together When Divided
How can we talk together? How do we communicate when we are so radically divided? Dr. Judith Sedgeman, Christine Heath, Mahima Shrestha, and Dave Nichols addressed this critically important issue.

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What I Know For Sure takes us back to what we each have seen as a result of learning about the Principles.

Bloom Where You’re Planted showcases the many people that share this understanding from various positions in their life – as parents, spouses, employees, and friends.


2018 Recordings are now available!

What happens in communities when people learn the true power of their own thoughts, along with the profound depth of their own capacity for wisdom, positivity, compassion, and common sense? Learn how over 20 facilitators started working with some of the most underprivileged in our society, and just what is possible when these folks hear that they are not broken and that there is hope.


The Awesome Event was a 3-day live event in Charlottesville, Virginia produced by Divine Play and Center for Sustainable Change. 25 world class speakers came together live and virtual to speak and present in the focused topics of Youth, Activism, Resiliency, Awakening, Trauma/Violence, and Addiction.

“I was surprised and pleased by the diversity of the Awesome event. People from all over the world and country – the videos are full of vibrant stories and deeper understanding.”  – Lisa Eller

Video and audio recordings of The Awesome Event are currently available at

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