What If I Am a Beginner?

What If I Am a Beginner?

What if I am a Beginner?
Where do I start?
How to do I share this with no experience?

There is this inside joke at my recovery center. Every week I show up and a new arrival at the center introduces themselves and asks what we are going to talk about. The old folks in the group love that question. Almost in unison, the group members say, “Amir has no idea…I guess we’ll both find out what he’s gonna to talk about” and like little kids in a playground, they laugh as if they said something incredibly mind-blowing.

As much as it’s become a fun tradition, it is very on point. I don’t know what I am going to talk about. Period.

Now I have some ideas. I have some thoughts. I even scribble notes. By the time something leaps out of my mouth, it’s usually nothing to do with what I planned or thought about before. That used to scare me. I was so afraid. Then I realized something…I am always a beginner.

Think about it. When in your life have you been in that exact environment, with the same people at this very moment?


You are beginning something new with the person in front of you right now!  That’s not to be feared. That’s a gift!

And if you are afraid…You know what the best thing is about that; we can tell people where we are at. This paradigm gives us permission to be in the moment in fear, joy, excitement, anger… you name it! This understanding isn’t a scapegoat for our feelings; this understanding lets us ride the wave of moment to moment thought and create in the world of form, in whatever experience we are having.

There is an old Zen saying that says, “A master is a beginner who kept beginning.”

You have the ability to create from this very moment. You can start from scratch again and again – And yet we miss its gifts because we think it’s a hindrance!

So where should you start?
Right Here.

Anyway it takes form.

What if you are a beginner?
Congratulations for realizing how life works moment to moment.

How do you share with no experience?
This paradigm offers fresh insights moment to moment. You just need to show up. The experience is in the sharing. The experience is to know that you may screw up and start again. The experience is knowing that you have everything in you to share and you also have nothing riding on it if it doesn’t come out the way you think it should.

There is no right way to share because we don’t know what is available for us until we show up…

Go out, my friends…Tell them what you see. Go out and jump on a webinar, talk to groups, talk to a friend and explore together. By the time you start connecting, exploring, and seeing; you’ll soon forget that you already started.

Like this very post that you are reading…It came from nothing…and like you, I had no idea what I was going to say next.

There is so much magic in being a beginner; because we always begin again at every moment.
It’s time for you to get out and share this if you have been waiting on the sidelines.

And if you still feel like a beginner…
What a great place to start!
I’ll join you in this fresh space any time you’d like.

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