A 3P Elevator Pitch?

A 3P Elevator Pitch?

Of all the things that people have asked us for, by far the one that has come up most is – I want a 3P Elevator Speech!

People who have seen the power of the Principles in their own lives and others naturally want to share it and they want to know how to go about doing so.
It is enticing to think there is a formula, certain words, one metaphor etc that make this understanding understandable to the people we most want to share it with!

So what’s wrong with that? Well, As Syd says:

“Techniques are to therapists as rituals are to the church – they lead you away from the truth that you seek.” – Syd Banks, The Missing Link

I think the same could be said about “formulas for sharing the Principles”

So if that is true then why would we as an organization even hold a workshop on 3P elevator speeches?

Well there are a few things our staff and advisors have learned along the way that we think add to the discussion and point in the right direction:

  • the power is in the feeling, not the words.
  • words can both clarify and get in the way of expressing this understanding
  • the “come from” is important
  • the more we share, the better we get at sharing
  • the more settled our own thinking is, the more the truth seems to come through us
  • we can only share from what we see
  • sometimes getting people to settle down includes giving them what they think they want
  • sometimes playing in the form can make us remember that it is all made up and take things a little more lightly
  • brainstorming and creative thinking exercises can get us out of our normal thinking patterns and open up more possibility
  • people have fresh thinking in relaxed environments when they are having fun

So with those things in mind we decided to give this elevator pitch thing a whirl and see what we all discover in the process!

On July 29th we are holding a two hour workshop facilitated by Oscar Wolters Duran to play with this idea.
And we do mean PLAY.

  • we will share our favorite metaphors that have helped us see something new and we will make up our own – after all the truth is all around us!
  • we will share personal stories of things we have seen for ourselves to be true
  • we will play with language and audience
  • we will play with the place we are coming from and see the difference it makes
  • we will play with outrageousness and how to back up bold claims
  • and we will laugh at our shared humanity, and the times that things didn’t work so well

We hope at the end of the two hours, participants are relaxed and having fun, are open to new ideas about how to share this understanding and see something new for themselves.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy – please consider joining us.

To keep it intimate and allow for everyone to participate we are limiting the workshop to 12 people and spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis

We are very much looking forward to what surfaces and no worries if you are not among the 12, we will share how it goes!

** UPDATE – A second workshop date has been added on August 19th as the July 29th workshop sold out within the first hour!  Thank you to all of you who support our programs!

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